Saturday, January 16, 2016


For many years I felt my assignment from God
Had been to float in a birdbath,
Enjoying the beauty of the sky
But longing for a wider experience
And view of His creation.

He has now taken me and submerged my being
In His great and vast ocean
Where there is no bottom nor end.
I can swim freely and enjoy the beauty
Of creatures innumerable
Who seem to have anticipated my arrival.

The waters which receive me are warm and welcoming
And have an eternal quality;
They change me while remaining the same.
The rays from the Son shine to the depths
Giving Life to all they touch.

I have only begun to search these Life-giving waters,
But the more I embrace them
The more I find to explore and revel in.
The awareness has dawned that I have come Home
And the Giver of Life is at the center of this new world,
Holding it all together
With the Word of His mouth.

To my amazement
My tears of repentance yielding joy
Have mingled with the very waters I am being baptized in,
Producing life forevermore and endless praise
To the One who called me to Himself
And translated me
Into the depths of His love.

Christ of the Abyss

Written shortly after entering the Orthodox Church, 2006

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