Wednesday, January 20, 2016


And dances all around us.

Are we watching?

Are we listening?

To little birdies singing their hearts out,
no matter how cold the weather?

In summer, flowers nod to us 
as we walk by.

There is even a song locked into the
heart of the wood that sings when 
released through heat.

The warm sun dances in tandem
with the leaves.

The waves and daisies have a 
rhythm all their own.

Gentle lavender waves its wands
in a fragrant chorus.

The little creek runs and skips
over the rocks and banks.

We watch in awe at the storms
God sends to water the earth.

There is a gentle rustling, whispering,
secrets being told amongst the ivy.

The rose lisps gratitude for gentle showers.

An English Robin does the cha cha
in Spring.

Rivers flow to the sea in
response to God's command.

Even wild grasses join in the dance.

In Winter there is a holy quietness
across the land.

The winds sweep up from the oceans
to kiss the plants above.

The wee berries bath in the summer
sun, awaiting our visit.

And in Autumn, the rhythms slow down,
so man can rest.

All creation calls out
"Give glory to God in the highest"!
Let us become quiet enough 
to see,
to hear,
to bow in worship
 before Him
Who holds it all together
by the Word of His mouth.

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