Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This was a random sighting, and then I kept seeing her in different places I would visit on the internet, and fell in love with her.  This post is about Maddie, a sweet-tempered coonhound who accompanied her owner, Theron Humphrey, on a year long cross-country trip while he worked on a photojournalism project.  

Theron was burned out from corporate life, and brokenhearted as well, when he met Maddie.  What happened next is a beautiful example of the creative entrepreneurship that lies dormant in the heart and soul of our country's inhabitants.

Maddie is a rescued shelter dog, and her owner promotes rescuing such dogs, using these photos which have turned into a best-selling book, Maddie On Things.  The project started small and grew organically.  All it takes is a few of Theron's photographs to see why I'm now mad about Maddie. 

For now, I hope you'll enjoy a sampling of images of this lovable, super-balanced hound, and perhaps buy a copy of the book for your dog.  Perhaps you'd enjoy it too.

The next project:  Maddie on Sandwiches, complete with photos and recipes from a man, and his best friend.

The purpose behind it all. 

Maddie, the Rescue Dog.
You've stolen my heart.
You love without judging.
You live to please your Master.

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