Friday, July 8, 2016


On July 8 (June 25 Old Style) the Church commemorates Saints Peter and Febronia--a Married couple who later lived in the monastic rank.  It is one of the most touching saint's lives in the Russian synaxarion.  Peter was a prince of Murom; Febronia was a peasant girl who, although of humble social status, was known as a holy woman, and pleasant to God.  Peter was healed by her prayers of a serious illness.  Although Peter's noble family was against it, they married, and a chaste love so strong existed between them that they preferred life together over all riches, status, and power.  When Peter's family offered her anything she wished if she would only leave the royal house, she answered, I want Peter."  In latter years they received the monastic tonsure in Murom monasteries located right next to each other, and reposed in the Lord one right after the other. When Peter knew it was time for him to die, he informed Febronia.  Well, she said, then I will go, too.  Putting aside her handiwork, she departed to the Lord.

~Priest Gleb Grozorsky
(Appearing on Presvytera Candace Shefe's blog)

Today Russia celebrates the day of 
Family, Love, and Faithfulness

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